Secure By Design


Architectural issues can overwhelm even the most heroic coding efforts, and ignoring such issues results in systems that are hard to maintain, vulnerable and exposes several security breaches. As part of this project, we developed  the new concept of Common Architectural Weaknesses, which are known design and implementation flaws in security architecture of a system resulting in severe vulnerabilities and security breaches. The National Cyber Security Division at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and MITRE Corporation support the collection and maintenance of Common Software Weaknesses (CWE). This collection contains over 1,000 software weaknesses, but these vulnerabilities are explicitly categorized into architectural and non-architectural. In this project, we have classified architecture related vulnerabilities. As a result, we have developed a catalogue of Common Architectural Weakness Enumerations (CAWE). A CAWE describes an architectural flaw in a software system resulting in a security vulnerability.


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